HUMAN CITY DESIGN AWARD 2019 - Seoul Design Foundation in cooperation with Saint-Etienne and Nagoya UNESCO Cities of Design - deadline: 6th August 2019 This international Award is addressed to designers or groups that have contributed to building a more harmonious and sustainable relationship between men

On 20th June 2019, the European Council published its new wide-ranging strategic agenda 2019-2024. Setting the context within a world that has, in the last five years, become more unsettled, complex and subject to rapid change, the Council of Europe sets out its strategic policy agenda

BEDA CALL FOR EXAMPLES OF CURRENT PRACTICE “It isn’t about what Europe can do for design but what design can do for Europe.” Within the European Commission’s renewed Industrial Policy there are six top-level priorities: Single Market, Digitalisation, Circular Economy, Sustainable Investment, Innovation and Europe’s International Role.

At its annual General Assembly held in Brussels on Friday 17th March, BEDA welcomed the new President Päivi Tahkokallio (right) of Ornamo Art and Design Finland and unanimously elected its new Vice President Karen Hennessy (left) of the Design and Crafts Council Ireland. Speaking to the