5th National Meeting of Design Associations (ENAD)

The 5th National Meeting of Design Associations (ENAD), held on 21 and 22 September 2017 in Valencia, addressed the current relationship between politics, economics and design, building on the experiences provided by more than 200 designers who participated. This event is a platform for synergies among different agents related to Spanish design, whilst also keeping an eye on international design.

Regarding the relationship between design and politics, one of the main conclusions is that it cannot be confined to the mere field of subsidies. Instead, public institutions must truly be aware of the value of design, and carry out design policies based on publicising and not on interference.

This idea arose during the roundtable 'Designers of the World', with the participation of Portuguese designers. At the debate, it was clear that Spain and Portugal have many things in common, regarding the development of the design sector and their aspirations. The convenience of promoting territorial design was discussed, given that the challenge is, in fact, to make society and politicians understand what design is, rather than promote one country's design. For designers, it would be more desirable that the authorities understood what design is and had a design promotion policy. The role of education, museums, media or historians must also be considered as means of conveying the reality of design.

Also during the 5th ENAD, the concept of "restorative economy, accessible and abundant" was addressed. This is the way Emma Fromberg, from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, defined the circular economy. The Ellen MacArthur Foundation is a British institution that aims to facilitate the transition to the circular economy. This foundation and IDEO have developed the "Circular Design Guide", a tool that includes methods and resources for designers who want to contribute in the transformation of the production system through circular design.

The 5th ENAD is subsidised by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport and by the Programme of Internationalization of Spanish Culture (PICE) of Spanish Cultural Action (AC/E). It has the support of the Generalitat Valenciana, Ajuntament de València, Feria Valencia and Las Naves. It is sponsored by Caixa Popular, Feria Hábitat and La Marina de València, with the collaboration of the Imprenta, Padima, La Sucursal, Cerveza Turia and Velarte. It is also supported by media such as More With Less, DissenyCV, d [x] i Magazine, Gráfica, Valencia Plaza and Experimenta.

More information on http://www.designread.es/5enad/