Audi Flò: an autonomous driving sharing experience

The Audi Flò is a concept car realized during the seventh edition of the Master in Transportation & Automobile Design of Politecnico di Milano, managed by jointly with Volkswagen Group Design. Inspired by the bonfire, the Audi Flò concept design proposal represents a new idea of transportation. The elliptical shape stimulates the passengers to interact each other, rediscovering the pleasure of conviviality and sharing. The use of shape memory materials allows the transformation of seats to create a suitable atmosphere for travelling: a car for four or a lounge for two with a small footprint. Blurring the lines between automotive and product design, the cabin wrapped by the car body creates a unique greenhouse. Eliminating the conventional notion of the front and rear, Audi Flò is designed to be bidirectional. Every year Volkswagen designers suggests a project topic to the students and supplies specialist teaching contents. Volkswagen Group Design oversees design progress and selects the most promising students for internships at its style centres. The Transportation and Automobile Design Master’s program is a pathway to excellence for those who seek scientifically rigorous training to meet the professional challenges faced by automakers’ design departments, in this era of far-reaching change and radical innovation in the industry. During the seventh edition of the TAD Master, the project topic assigned by Volkswagen Group Design has been "Autonomous Driving Cars for Inner & Inter City" focusing on Audi and Volkswagen brands. The topic has been particularly interesting because it gave students the chance to explore some really innovative layouts for the interior design. Design team Daniel Ferrari | Italy Salvador (Todor) Reyes Guardado | Mexico Ramprasadh (Ron) Selvarajah | India (Image Courtesy: Politecnico di Milano Master TAD) link: facebook: