The GA+ was delivered as part of the ‘Design Europe 2021 - Design for Cultural and Creative Growth’ project funded under the Creative Europe Programme of the European Commission. Members came together to share ideas and explore new opportunities for collaboration, in an informal day of facilitated open discussion about capacity building within BEDA. 

• In a session titled ‘Building Capacity’, groups explored topics including eco design for a circular economy; the influence of design on business, education and European policy; mapping networks through BEDA Connects; and identifying big challenges for designers. 

• An Open Space session featured discussions about shaping BEDA in relation to the European Commission, the role of design in primary schools, and how to get more designers involved in BEDA. 

• Members also contributed to a giant map of forthcoming design events happening across Europe, and offered both resources and requests for the BEDA Toolbox. 

The day was a great success, enabling members to share strengths and skills, highlighting opportunities for new activity clusters. Participants also explored a range of ideas for strengthening BEDA, from new methods of communication between members to potential new partnerships at regional, national and European level.

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