BEDA GA+ & the Design Europe 2021 Network Call

In spring 2014 BEDA submitted an application, in December 2014 we received the brilliant news that our project application under the Creative Europe Culture Sub-programme on Networks, "Design Europe 2021 - Design for Cultural and Creative Growth", has been accepted.

BEDA will receive funding for at least three years, with a possible extension of up to seven years. This funding will allow us to plan and deliver major actions that will strengthen the influence, positioning and capacity of BEDA and its members. It is a networking call, so the focus will be on strengthening the BEDA network, developing further European Centres of Competence, and continuing to build our relationship with the European Commission and various Directorates General.

An outline of the Network Call:

BEDA's four objectives to 2017 are to:

  • Strengthen BEDA's capacity and capability, and, by extension, the capacity and capability of its members.
  • Systematically enable BEDA to grow
  • Achieve a structuring effect on the design sector in Europe
  • Facilitate the embedding of design in business, government and EU institutions, to enable policy change that benefits the sector and the citizens of Europe.

The seven year strategy from 2014 includes:

  • Building the power of the network engine: achieve accelerated growth in the scale and maturity of BEDA and its network of Members
  • Reveal and connect routes to expertise: stimulate and support a unique pan-European network of Design Expertise Groups
  • Engage with new audiences: create increased and improved access to new growth opportunities for all BEDA members
  • Embed strategic design behaviour in governmental decision-making more extensively at the European level and across relevant Directorates General.

Actions towards the delivery of this strategy:

  • GA+: a full-day programme of creative networking with external facilitators , sharing best practice and mapping member profiles to reinforce the power of our network.
  • BEDA CONNECTS: a once-yearly opportunity for BEDA members to connect with representatives from other European networks, in order to create new synergies.
  • BEDA CLUSTERS: this is the creation of multiple small-scale expert creative groups, whose specialist focus will range from design to the EU.
  • BEDA INTEGRATES: a sequence of above and below-the-line strategic activities will communicate the value of design and Europe's design sector in contributing to the cultural power and diversity of Europe.

The first GA+ will take place in Milan, on Thursday 4th June. It will be a very hands-on session enabling member collaboration through the use of design methods.

BEDA's president, Isabel Roig, said, "The day promises to be full of insights, and is a great opportunity for BEDA members to participate fully in the Network Call."

EU Project: