Cité du design of Saint-Étienne is guest at the Design Biennale of Wuhan

The City of Wuhan, China, invited the Cité du design (Higher School of art and design of Saint-Étienne) to the fourth edition of its annual Design Biennale. The cooperation between Wuhan, which has joined the UNESCO Creative Cities network recently, and the Cité du design is a great example of the strong link in this network.

The Cité du design proposed two exhibitions: ‘No Randomness’, which was presented at the International Design Biennale of Saint-Etienne in 2015 (curator: Oscar Lhermitte), and a second edition, which focuses on the 10th edition of the French Biennale, revealing the evolution of this must-see event. 

Students from the Higher School of Art and design also presented movies they created in collaboration with students from the Conservatoire Massenet, a French music academy. For many years, these two schools have collaborated on a project, focusing on the combination of cinema, video and music. In this project images and sounds answer, confront, clash with each other, and always communicate in the name of art. 

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