The CLICKNL project CIRCO is exploring Europe. Are you ready to join us?

"The development of a Circular Economy starts with Circular Design". CLICKNL started the project CIRCO ("Creating business through circular design") in the Netherlands early 2015. CIRCO educates designers and other creative professionals for their role as circular change agent, and inspires and facilitates groups of companies to start their circular business, by designing and implementing circular value propositions, combining circular products, services, and business models. Already 100 designers and 200 Dutch companies participated, which has led to a positive CIRCO 'brand reputation'. One of our next objectives is to find out if and how we can share our approach throughout Europe, via a growing international CIRCO trainers network. This is the point where CIRCO meets BEDA.

On Friday October 27, 10-12 am at the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, we would like to present CIRCO to BEDA-members, and explore if and how we can work together to spread the Circular Design knowledge and method of CIRCO throughout Europe. Are you ready to join us? If you are interested, please let us know by sending an email to before October 13.