Launch of the Hellenic Design Center (HDC), an initiative by KEPA, supported by the Municipality of Thessaloniki

Aiming to promote the awareness and the application of design methodology, KEPA launches the Hellenic Design Center (HDC), in Thessaloniki. Its goal is to enhance innovation and creativity in Greece and in the wider region of South-East Europe, both in the private and public sector.

KEPA, having acquired significant know-how on design issues through its cooperation with foreign partners in the framework of its participation in numerous relevant EU projects and networks, aims to:

  • fuel business growth by helping existing companies to differentiate themselves from competition and solve issues they face,
  • help new businesses grow and become sustainable and support young people in the city to turn their ideas into sustainable innovative businesses through Design Thinking,
  • make a substantial contribution to improve public services. The training of civil servants in design and the implementation of pilot actions in public services will result not only in the improvement of the specific services, but also in the organisations’ culture change,and
  • promote and support policy and program managers in relation to the integration of Design for Innovation

HDC's headquarters are located at the premises of the "OKThess", which is run by the Municipality of Thessaloniki. Through its actions it aims to contribute decisively to the reduction of unemployment and the improvement of the economic and business identity of the city, with direct benefit to all its inhabitants; and above all, those affected the most by the economic crisis.

During the first two years of its pilot operation, HDC will launch programs aiming to increase supply and demand for Design and Innovation services.

Hellenic Design Centre’s long-term goals are:

  • to make design the top business and public development tool,
  • to discover new design talents and to promote Design excellence
  • to become the contact point for design and innovation in South-East Europe
  • to promote the strategic use of design in the private as well as in the public sector.