New board Swiss Design Association

The newly elected board of the Swiss Design Association under president Dominic Sturm will emphasise the role design plays in innovation and for the economy as is shown with the new partnership with Swiss Innovation Forum.

The association considers deindustrialisation and digitisation as the main challenges the Swiss design scene faces today. To promote young designers, Swiss Design Association holds the SDA Bachelor Award for the graduates of leading design universities in Switzerland. As the partner of the Swiss Design Prize, the Swiss Technology Award and the Design Biennale Zurich, the association takes an active part in the discussion to enhance design quality and design-driven innovation in all fields. To facilitate international exchange, the president participates in international conferences as the WIDC in China.

The Swiss Design Association SDA is a non-profit organisation without government funding. The SDA represents designers and design students from different disciplines who practice and study in Switzerland. Formed in 1966 as the Swiss Industrial Designers Association, the association is recognised today as the representative body of the Swiss design profession. The members, whether they be in private practice or salaried employment, work in the fields of consumer and capital projects and design objects, industrial products, services, interiors and exhibitions, textiles and fashion, all aspects of visual communication, new media and engage in design management and design education.