An international triennale that aims to foster open debate on the economic and cultural role of design - products, services, graphics, and architecture - as a vehicle for sustainable change and social innovation. The 2018 edition will feature a dozen exhibitions, two colloquiums, a research/action project and many workshops. Three central questions will be posed. How can design education play a social role, and offer a space for critical research? How should architects and designers respond to fragility and insecurity? How can co-design and active participation - a combination of designers, students and inhabitants - help address the challenges of urban and social regeneration?

Local and international curators were invited to provide their view on different topics that will be presented in the framework of exhibitions, symposiums and workshops in Liège and in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine. 

Curators: Oliviero Toscani x FABRICA, Nawal Bakouri, Lieven De Couvreur, Jean-Philippe Possoz, Paolo Cascone, Nik Baerten & Virginia Tassinari, Anna Bernagozzi, Cube design Museum, Wallonie Design.

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