Reconsider Design exhibition

Arctic Design Week, which took place from 19 to 25 February in Rovaniemi, Finland, put the focus on circular economy and design with a varied programme that included several events on sustainable design. The exhibition "Reconsider Design", which is part of the EcoDesign Circle project, is coordinated in Finland by Design Forum Finland and will be on show at Science Centre Pilke until 11 March 2018.

"Reconsider Design" is a touring show, which displays design products, concepts and projects from the Baltic Sea countries, promoting ecological and circular thinking. The Finnish exhibitors include Hiilinielu Design Studio, the PuzzlePhone cellphone concept, the recyclable and refundable packaging system RePack and PureWaste, a clothing brand which saves natural resources. All in all, 30 excellent ecodesign projects are presented in four everyday-life categories: Learning & Playing, Consuming & Eating, Enabling & Moving as well as Dressing & Wearing. By combining creativity, innovation and environmental responsibility, the selected cases demonstrate how to successfully implement sustainability strategies in products and services.

The objective of EcoDesign Circle project is to connect various actors, such as design organisations, professionals and teachers, as well as companies in the Baltic Sea Region with the aim of encouraging ecodesign thinking, expertise and efficient methods to be used. The results of this project will include a web portal promoting sustainable development, tools for evaluating and developing competences in companies, study material, as well as the touring exhibition "Reconsider Design".

EcoDesign Circle: Ecodesign as driver of innovation in the Baltic Sea Region is a three-year (2016–2019) development project partly funded by the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme of the European Union. The project is for developing circular economy and related business, research and educational activities with the means of design and design thinking. The target groups of the project are designers, companies, various organisations and the public sector, plus schools and universities.

The Lead Partner of the project is the Umweltbundesamt UBA of Germany. The other partners come from Germany, Estonia, Lithuania, Sweden, Poland, and Finland, where Design Forum Finland is the national coordinator.

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