Service design pioneer creates customer experience for trams

Service designer Mikko Koivisto has won the highly-regarded Ornamo Award of 2017. Koivisto, the Lead Service Designer and Customer Experience Director of the Hellon service design agency, is one of Finland’s first academically trained professionals in service design. He has been involved in developing this field both in Finland and abroad. Mikko Koivisto and the Hellon service design agency are currently designing the customer experience of the Helsinki Regional Transport Authority’s future rapid tram service. The future tram line will take into account, among other users, families with children, with whom Koivisto has carried out field observations of the functionality of public transport. ‘We noticed that there are no handles and similar surfaces or windows at children’s height, which is something that will be taken into account in the new tram,’ Koivisto says. The use of the tram will also be made easier, for example by using traffic lights to show people the best doors for boarding the tram and where they can exit without being caught in a crowd. ’The use of a tram developed with the means of service design will be intuitive. It does not have to be learned in advance,’ Koivisto describes his vision. Koivisto tells more about the design process at Ornamo’s video. Showcasing reformers of design The Ornamo Award is a highly-regarded distinction lending visibility to contemporary design and the industrial arts. This year’s three finalists share a contemporary approach, influence, and a perspective on the future. To be shortlisted for the prize is a notable recognition, as this selection is based on a two-stage peer review by experts in design. The board of the Finnish Association of Designers Ornamo chooses the candidates from among proposals submitted by the membership. The finalists were service designer Mikko Koivisto, design director Antti Olin of the Isku company, and designer Aamu Song. As a designer and the design director of the Isku company, Antti Olin has implemented changes that have made it possible to keep furniture production in Finland. Aamu Song, with her Company firm, has been introducing new solutions and energy for sectors making heritage products. The winner of the Ornamo Award was announced on the 24th of April 2017 at Design Museum in Helsinki. The winner was chosen from among three shortlisted candidates by Pauli Aalto-Setälä, CEO of Aller Media. More information on the finalists of the Ornamo Award of 2017.