Update of the European Design Report

Ten years ago the first European Design Report, which collects national facts and figures from 27 European countries, was compiled by designaustria and published by BEDA. An update was requested at the General Assembly Milano. We need a complete and broader picture on the number of designers in Europe and some basic figures on their economic performance. The results will be published in 2018. All these figures are important in order to compare, raise awareness and to convince decision makers. For policymakers, it is also useful to have facts and figures about the design sector as an important knowledge tool.

Do not hesitate and contribute to the survey with all data you can contribute about the field of design in your country. Please return the completed questionnaire by the end of April to sibel.sermet@designaustria.at Thank you for your support! Find out more: http://www.beda.org/document/european-design-report

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