UX Design Awards 2017 – cast your vote!

The International Design Center Berlin (IDZ) invites users worldwide to participate in an online vote to establish this year’s audience award winner for best UX. The voting highlights the most convincing experience from the user perspective, complementing the expert jury decisions that have been cast earlier in September.

The public choice winner is selected among all UX Design Awards nominees. This year’s nominated solutions utilize state-of-the-art hologram technologies, artificial intelligence, speech recognition, 360° optics or organic 3D printing technologies for intuitive applications in a wide range of sectors, including medicine and health, mobility, open data, media, connected living environments, or smart industries.

The "UX Design Award | Public Choice“ winner will be announced at the beginning of November, ensuring an extensive voting period. To vote please visit the awards nominee page.

Bestowed by the International Design Center Berlin (IDZ), the UX Design Awards distinguish outstanding solutions that set new standards for innovation and intuitive use. The annual competition is open to digital products and services, environments, as well as future-oriented concepts. For further information please visit the awards website.