What do clients think?

The recently launched What Clients Think report by Up To The Light, in association with the DBA, has thrown up some interesting insights on the thoughts of individuals who commission design.

We can’t make sweeping generalisations, of course, but the What Clients Think report draws insight from in-depth interviews with over 500 clients, across the whole seniority spectrum, from large and small businesses and from a wide variety of sectors. As the author of the report Jonathan Kirk said at the recent launch event hosted by the DBA in London and attended by its members, the What Clients Think report gives clarity to a lot of issues that agencies know exist but don’t know how to manage.

Here the DBA’s Head of Services, Adam Fennelow shares his five top take-outs from the report and launch event, to help strengthen agency-client relationships. Read on: http://www.dba.org.uk/what-do-clients-think/>