Design for All

Design for All

Mission: To enhance our own organization’s as we as the partners’ and other BEDA members’ competence in the area of Design for All / Inclusive Design. Bearing in mind the strong increase in international, national, regional and local focus on the necessity to implement Design for All thinking, legislation and practical adaption, BEDA and its Cluster on Design for All must take on a leading role in this focus.  Particularly in view of the increasing aging population, Design for All will soon have to encompass all of our surroundings, products and services.

Expertise, experience, resources: As the lead organization in this Cluster, we bring to the table more than 7 years of experience of working with and for the Norwegian Government in developing programs, events, workshops, international conferences, exhibitions in Norway and abroad as well as a National Award for Design for All in Design and Architecture.

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BEDA Clusters update
Published In: News | 25/03/2017

Clusters are creative groups formed by BEDA members with recognised expertise in particular areas, for instance in User Design, Design for All, or...

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