BEDA a key voice in EU design innovation

5 December 2012
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1b_ED11The European Commission released their keenly-awaited ‘Design for Growth & Prosperity: Report and Recommendations of the European Design Leadership Board’ report click here on 17 September this year, with a strong message in support of BEDA’s work.

BEDA’s President, Deborah Dawton, and Vice-president Isobel Roig both sit on the Leadership Board, which was formed in 2011 with the purpose of providing recommendations on how to enhance the role of design in innovation policy in Europe at the national, regional or local level; it is also developing a joint vision, priorities and actions to enable design to become an integral part of innovation policy at European level, in line with the Innovation Union.

The key message from the report for BEDA members is the Board’s recognition that BEDA gives its members a powerful, united voice in influencing design policy in Europe.

The report makes 21 recommendations, one of which clearly cites the need to

“…establish a permanent dialogue on design with the European Commission, through an organisation like BEDA that provides Europe-wide coverage to provide a European-level focus for all matters relating to the development and growth of design in Europe’s innovation policy.”



Other recommendations include recognising the importance of design in business, in the public sector and in research.

Further support for BEDA is mentioned later on in the report, saying that BEDA or an organisation like it

“…would be tasked with pursuing future action on the policy recommendations of this report and it would be the guardian of their implementation and uptake.”


Responding to the report, Deborah Dawton said,

“It is clear that the European Design Leadership board clearly sees the importance of BEDA’s work; it is great recognition of our position as a united voice lobbying for the growth and communication of design policy in Europe.”


The report’s 21 recommendations will be used to create targets and infrastructure that will have significant impact on Europe’s design innovation capability.

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