BEDA Insight Forum, 10 November – report

10 November 2016
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Insight1 22We report on the second BEDA Insight Forum, held this month in Brussels, which looked at design as a driver for policy innovation and social change.

BEDA held its second Insight Forum on November 10th in the European Parliament, hosted by MEP Miltiadis Kyrkos (S&D). The event aimed to highlight the value to the EU of design thinking and innovation in policy-making.

Slawomir Tokarski, Director for Innovation and Advanced Manufacturing at DG Growth of the European Commission opened the session by stressing the importance and great potential of design in making a better world.

John Isabelle BEDAThe programme was introduced by John Mathers, current Vice-President of BEDA. The first session, ‘Why Design For All is good for all’ began with an introduction to the Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture (DOGA) by Jan Stavik, who focused on design best practices in Norway, where population diversity is central to the consideration and implementation of design within society and business.

The session continued with an exciting presentation on ‘The Social and Business Impact of Inclusive Design’ by Rhama Gheerrawo, Director of the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design. Insightful case studies illustrated how people-centred inclusive design improves lives on many levels. As Mr Gheerrawo said, “it is not just about design thinking, it is about design doing".

The second session, ‘User design’ aimed to promote a broad application of design. Isabelle Vérilhac talked about the user involvement in the co-creation process in the context of the project led by Cité du design, a centre for design whose mission is promoting design, raising public awareness and encouraging economic and social stakeholders to user-centred design. Mikael Mangyouku presented the Living Lab’s successful service offers; LABO and LUPI, two creative design tools enabling user empowerment in working and communicating with communities.

Insight Forum 2016Markus Hohl of Hellon followed by introducing their service design approach, with its focus on user insights, end-to-end experience and prototyping; he shared the case study ‘People’s pharmacy’, a revolutionary project to extend regular service from prescription to wellbeing. The session was concluded by Leopoldine Landie and Solenne Romagni from Atrium.Brussels, who presented ‘Make.Brussels’, an ambitious and audacious call for projects that gives Brussels’ citizens the opportunity to come up with meaningful projects ideas to be developed by the city districts through retail clusters.

Insight Forum BEDABarbara Gessler, Head of the “Creative Europe- Culture” unit of the EACEA reminded attendees of the potential of design to provide practical solutions in many policy areas, emphasising its essential innovative component and creative force for growth. The Creative Europe programme supports over 45 design-focused organisations and institutions in order to identify and replicate good practices in collaboration with designers. Gessler called upon BEDA to organize training sessions for public officers to support sectors, networks and future projects in this field.

Minutes from the meeting will be available for BEDA members soon.


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