Update on Eco-Design

17 September 2015
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1 16Update on Eco-Design, the European Commission and BEDA’s position

BEDA has been encouraging member involvement in European Commission consultations as it develops a Circular Economy strategy–we summarise key actions and developments from the last few months.

The Circular Economy at European Commission level

The circular economy is currently a very hot topic at European Commission level; in April this year the Commission presented the ‘Circular Economy Strategy’ Roadmap to inform stakeholders and citizens about the reasoning behind this strategy development. This was followed in July by ‘Towards a circular economy: A zero waste programme for Europe’, a positioning statement further outlining how this improved resource management will lead to growth, managing global pressure on resources and decoupling economic growth from resource use and its impacts. This document also outlined the role that design and innovation must play in improving processes for greater efficiency.

The European Commission Public Consultation on the Circular Economy ran between May and August this year, with the aim of launching a more ambitious Circular Economy strategy by late 2015 in order that Europe becomes a more globally competitive resource-efficient economy; BEDA encouraged members to participate. BEDA participation as a stakeholder is still under discussion.

In July 2015 the European Parliament adopted a Resolution on ‘Resource efficiency: moving towards a circular economy’; of particular interest to BEDA members is the commitment “comprehensively and ambitiously implement the ecodesign requirements of the existing Ecodesign Directive in new and updated implementing measures.”

BEDA’s actions towards the circular economy
The BEDA Position Paper on eco-design was presented at the recent Brussels conference on the role of eco-design in the circular economy; this paper was circulated amongst BEDA members for comments and, following very helpful feedback, notably from KEPA and Christopher Harris of the Ecodesign Centre based within PDR, was presented to the September meeting of the BEDA board for approval. This position paper will be used as a tool to influence policy at European Commission level.

BCD is leading BEDA’s action on eco-design as part of the clusters approach proposed within ED2021.

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