Hesse goes to LONDON

14 July 2017
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Creative industries as location factor: Hesse goes to LONDONCreative industries as location factor: Hesse goes to LONDON

The German Design Council report on a recent creative industries delegation to London.

The Hessian Minister of Economics Tarek Al-Wazir travelled to London with a delegation of selected representatives of the creative industries in Hesse. Andrej Kupetz, the executive director of the German Design Council, was also on board.

The delegation’s task is to become familiar with innovations in important markets, whilst also publicising the dynamic Hessian creative scene abroad in order to attract collaborative partners.

The significance of the creative industries for the location marketing of European metropolitan centres became clear in London. “Without a doubt, design plays a major role in the innovative abilities of industry and society,” explained Andrej Kupetz, the executive director of the German Design Council. “This message has also arrived in Europe, where design has now been firmly anchored as an issue in fostering innovation in the EU budget, thanks to the initiative of the European Design Leadership Board. Not only the creative industries but the entire economy benefits from this. In this regard, London is certainly an interesting benchmark, against which Frankfurt measures up well in terms of content and quality,” said Kupetz, praising the innovative creative scene of the financial centre.

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