Reinvest in the city!

14 July 2017
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Reinvest in the city!At the 10th Biennale, Cite du design transformed a street into an urban reactivation laboratory, Rue de la République du Design.

What will tomorrow's city look like? What lifestyles and economic models for our city centre? The 10th edition of the Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Étienne 2017 questioned working paradigms, their impact in our daily routines and lifestyles that transform our cities.

To answer to these evolutions, the City of Saint-Étienne and Cité du design proposed to live a unique experience at the scale of the emblematic street "Rue de la République" which was transformed into a true urban reactivation laboratory for one month. Renamed the “Rue de la République du Design”, the event invested in 15 empty local shops and transformed them into: a collaborative supermarket, artistic production workshops, co-working spaces, laboratories for new services for the elder, exhibitions, pop-up stores... The event boosted the image of the street and revalued the potential and attractiveness of creative professions and social innovation.

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Visuels légendes: Rue de la république > Copyright Charlotte Pierrot.

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