Barcelona Design Center (BCD)

Barcelona Design Center (BCD)

Our Vision:

To position design as a strategic element in business excellence and a key factor in innovation, sustainability and improving people’s quality of life in the business world, in city design and in the spaces people share together.

To encourage greater understanding and appreciation of design and its strategic value for companies and public bodies, strengthening the links between design and business in all spheres and positioning Barcelona as a design capital.

Bcd’s objectives are:

  • To promote the use and good management of design in the business sphere
  • To increase the use of design in company innovation processes; to advise companies and organisations through specific programmes.
  • To provide services for companies and organisations through specific projects
  • To become a reference and interlocutor in the field of design for the public administration, companies, institutions and similar organisations
  • To cooperate with different stakeholders in the field of business and design, both nationally and internationally
  • To position Barcelona as a design capital. BCD addresses its activities at various target groups, such as companies, professionals, the public administration and other stakeholders, both domestic and international.

BCD is a member of the following organisations:

  • BEDA, The Bureau of European Design Associations
  • Design for All Foundation
  • Design for the World
  • DMI, Design Management Institute
  • FEEPD, Federación Española de Entidades de Promoción del Diseño
  • ICSID, International Council of Societies of Industrial Design

What we do:

BCD, Barcelona Design Centre, promotes design as a strategic element for business excellence and as a key factor for innovation, and as a discipline that can improve people's quality of life.

Legally established as a private not-for-profit foundation in 1973, BCD is a promotion and information centre devoted to all aspects of design in business. The first promotion centre of its kind to be set up in Spain, BCD has evolved in line with changes in the economy and society from the first, constantly adapting its philosophy and activities to the specific needs of the moment.

BCD promotes the value of design for innovation, recognised in the latest version of the Oslo manual (Eurostat-oecd). The manual no longer speaks only of technological and non-technological innovation, but about innovation in products, marketing, processes and organisation. Design as a clear innovation facilitator in these four new areas.

jumpthegap recognises the most innovative and sustainable projects for the bathroom of the future
Category: Members news

The jumpthegap international design competition, organised by Roca and BCD, held the annual award ceremony on 17 October 2017, in Barcelona, Spain. Prizes were awarded in three categories: professional, student and Special Sustainability.

Circular Economy European Summit 2017
15/11/2017 to 17/11/2017

Barcelona will host the Circular Economy European Summit 2017

Design4Innovation Workshop 3: Good practices in financial support
07/11/2017 to 08/11/2017

Having mapped our Design Innovation Ecosystems and examined the Operational Programmes in our partner regions, we meet in Santiago de Compostella on 7th and 8th November to identify the best practice in financial mechanism for business and innovation support, such as subsidy and grant schemes, including innovation vouchers. This time the event is hosted by GAIN - Galician Agency of Innovation.

Barcelona Design Week 2018
07/06/2018 to 14/06/2018

Barcelona Design Week 2018 will be held from 7 to 14 June.

Innovation Coffee Morning at PDR
Category: Members news

To mark the launch of Design for Innovation project, the lead partner PDR / Cardiff Metropolitan University, organised Innovation Coffee Morning on 25 January 2017 for its co-workers

Tags:policy, SMEs
Design4Innovation Kick-off meeting in Bruges
Category: Members news

The first Design4Innovation project meeting on 7th, 8th and 9th of March, kick-started a new interregional collaboration aiming to enhance SME competitiveness.

Circular Design: Learning for Innovative Design for Sustainability
Category: Members news

A new project funded by Erasmus+ will enhance the creation and consumption of sustainable products and services, aligned with European Circular Economy policies.

BEDA and the economic value of design
Category: BEDA updates

Three of BEDA’s clusters relate to the economic value of design; we offer an overview of the importance of this area of work.

The role of ecodesign in the Circular Economy
Category: Members news

Many believe the future of the European economy lies in the circular economy, and design has a vital part to play; BCD report on this recent conference in Brussels.