Business and Cultural Development Centre (KEPA)

Business and Cultural Development Centre (KEPA)


Our vision is to make Greece a design led state by integrating design in public and private sector. 


Promote economic development and competitiveness of the region.

What we do?

Business and Cultural Development Centre (KEPA) was formed in March 1991 by the Federation of Industries of Northern Greece (FING) and  Greek International Business Association (SEVE).
Since 1993, KEPA has proved its success as an Intermediate Management Agency for National and Community Programs at regional and national level.
The Centre’s efforts have made their mark by enhancing the competitiveness, of all types of business'. It has had a particular impact on Small and Medium Enterprises operating in Northern Greece, providing tangible support and assistance.


KEPA can be described as :

  • a powerful regional structure that supports entrepreneurship;
  • a prestigious and highly reliable body, offering fast, transparent, flexible and efficient services with a fast turnover;
  • a focal point for businesses with regards to the implementation of development actions, and a basic information centre for funding opportunities under national and European programmes.


Throughout its long-standing operation, KEPA has acquired substantial experience: 

a) Designing and tailoring specific actions that co-finance development activities, both on a geographical and sectoral basis;

b) Managing national programmesto support entrepreneurship and especially Small and Medium Enterprises-that are co-financed by the European Union under the Community Support Frameworks and the National Strategic Reference Framework for 2007-2013. These programmes concern the implementation of investments in the following sectors:

Energy-Construction-infrastructure -Manufacturing -Tourism -Environment-Trade -Tourism -Training -Service Provision.

Overall, KEPA has successfully managed 57 programmes to date for the implementation of 10,044 projects with a total budget of €1.34 billion, while also disbursing €611.5 million to Greek businesses for this purpose.

c) International development programmes and projects co-financed by the European Union

d) Preparing sectoral/branch studies and research for the diagnosis of the development features and activities of businesses;

e) Evaluating  technical/economic and construction investment/business plans through the creation and use of suitable statistical and IT tools;

f)  Drafting  technical /economic reports and proposals for enterprise development programmes;

g) Implementing of energy inspections to certify the energy -related result of large energy investments.

Due to the above experience, KEPA executives participate in programme design and management committees, as well as a number of committees set up by businesses at local, regional and national level.

WORTH Partnership Project strengthens SMEs competitiveness through creativity & innovation
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The WORTH Partnership Project, of which KEPA is a participant, aims to develop new products and ideas for SME’s through developing new means of collaborating and adopting innovative and disruptive techniques. They are inviting ideas and proposals online.

Launch of the Hellenic Design Center (HDC), an initiative by KEPA, supported by the Municipality of Thessaloniki
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KEPA, Municipality of Thessaloniki, has launched the Hellenic Design Centre in Thessaloniki, with the aim of enhancing innovation and creativity in Greece and South-East Europe.

Free Info Session WORTH - A European project to support designers

La Commission Européenne et le WORTH-consortium vous invite à la présentation du projet Européen WORTH PARTNERSHIP PROJECT le 18 octobre au MAD.

EU Design Days 2017: “The Next Step”
19/09/2017 to 20/09/2017

This is the sixth edition of our successful series of EU Design Days. This year we will focus on the transformation of cities and regions and how design and innovation contributes to dealing with challenges such as an aging population, sustainable energy, climate adaptation and mobility solutions. In collaboration with practitioners, researchers and policymakers the EU Design Days 2017 seek to take an important next step in the transformation of cities and regions towards high quality of life, building on but also going beyond current practice.

Design4Innovation Workshop 3: Good practices in financial support
07/11/2017 to 08/11/2017

Having mapped our Design Innovation Ecosystems and examined the Operational Programmes in our partner regions, we meet in Santiago de Compostella on 7th and 8th November to identify the best practice in financial mechanism for business and innovation support, such as subsidy and grant schemes, including innovation vouchers. This time the event is hosted by GAIN - Galician Agency of Innovation.

Innovation Coffee Morning at PDR
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To mark the launch of Design for Innovation project, the lead partner PDR / Cardiff Metropolitan University, organised Innovation Coffee Morning on 25 January 2017 for its co-workers

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Design4Innovation Kick-off meeting in Bruges
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The first Design4Innovation project meeting on 7th, 8th and 9th of March, kick-started a new interregional collaboration aiming to enhance SME competitiveness.

Tourism-ID Cooperation Roundtable

Through the roundtable, we aim to listen to the “regional voices”, in order to gather insights regarding tips, issues, experiences, etc on designing and implementing innovation programmes for tourism sector.

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Design-thinking for the European tourism sector
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A new EU project by BEDA members promotes the use of design-thinking as a useful methodology for SMEs in the tourism sector.

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