Cyprus Interior Designers Association (CYIDA)

Kika Ioannou Kazamia

Cyprus Interior Designers Association (CYIDA)


Our Vision:

The Cyprus Interior Designers Association exists to promote the Interior Designer's profession. Preserve, plan and promote common economic and social interests, within the framework of a correct provision of services to the society. The members are educated constantly in any current events in order to upgrade the living, professional and cultural standards fostering the unity of common causes though the design industry. 

What we do:


The CYIDA is the association which represents European citizens professional Interior Designers as individuals full members in Cyprus.
• Assists its members with business issues
• Safeguarding their intellectual properties and business rights
• Provides them with the “Certificate of profession confirmation”, business draft documents and “CYIDA common rules of Interior Design Services Contract”
• Organizes training seminars to develop their skills and knowledge of materials in design industry.

It also registers as Junior members students of Interior design. Friends of the club can be registered any other designers and engineers. Associate Friends of the club can be registered any individual representing companies of relevant industrial fields.  

Our top 3 high profile projects:

Certificate of profession confirmation
The CYIDA's annual certificate is given to all Full members Interior Designers after one year of active membership. The certificate is both prestigious and authoritative, since is the only document that CYIDA demonstrates the education of members and it allows to the member to prove its profession for clients. It is highly important for the professional, since is a way of division of PROFESSIONAL EDUCATED INTERIOR DESIGNERS from the UNEDUCATED “decorators” of Cyprus. Clients should know who they employ to provide them correct interior designing services coming out from education and experience. Life would be simpler without construction problems at the site.  

CYIDA Members Directory
The CYIDA Directory makes people looking for interior designing services simpler and more effective, giving clients the opportunity to find professional graduated interior designers! The continually updated directory provides a searchable database in Greek and English language, categorized by city all Full members, with another directory of Junior members, Friends and Associate Friends.

Design Events
The CYIDA runs a series of stimulating events and debates around Cyprus that focus on both long-standing and emerging issues relevant to the design and architecture community. We also offer: Training / Educational courses for designers.