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BEDA and the economic value of designThree of BEDA’s clusters relate to the economic value of design; we offer an overview of the importance of this area of work.

The creative sector is recognised as a significant economic driver within the EU; BEDA members lead several initiatives to measure and understand the extent of its impact. Through collecting and interpreting business data relating to design, this information can then be used to map the potential of integrating design and influencing policymakers at regional, national and EU level.

BEDA Clusters update

Published in Member News
15 November 2016

BEDA ClustersClusters are a key part of BEDA’s strategy to 2021; find out about the latest developments in each area here.

Clusters are creative groups formed by BEDA members with recognised expertise in particular areas, for instance in User Design, Design for All, or Design Policy. Members gather and communicate information relating to their particular sector with other members, strengthening BEDA’s position – and that of its members – as a repository of applied design knowledge.

BEDA GA, GA+We report on the recent BEDA GA and GA+, which took place in Limassol, Cyprus, at the end of May.

4 18The Innovation for All Programme at the Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture

For almost ten years the Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture have worked to raise the profile of Inclusive Design at national level; they share their knowledge at their forthcoming international Innovation for All conference in Oslo, 12-13 May.

User-Centred Design

Published in Member News
17 February 2016

3 18User-Centred Design, a Cité du design characteristic

The Cité du design offers an efficient platform for thinking practices, needs and uses. They share with BEDA members their methods for updating the way design contributes to the emergence of new dynamics in multiple contemporary domains.

The Cité du design is a European Centre of Competence and lead of the BEDA Cluster dedicated to User-Centred Design. It is a cluster of excellence in design, bringing together research and development activities as well as design promotion.

The Power of Clusters

Published in Member News
17 February 2016

2 18 ECC BEDAThe power of clusters – could your organization join a BEDA Cluster?

Share your organisation’s expertise and develop your competences through BEDA’s Clusters.

Those of you who attended BEDA’s GA+ in Milan in June last year will remember a lot of discussion about BEDA’s idea of inviting members to join various competence or knowledge Clusters.

Cité du Design

Published in ECC Members
15 January 2015

CitedudesignCité du design, Saint-Étienne, France

ECC: User-Centered Design
The Cité du design, founded in 2005 by Saint-Étienne city and Saint-Étienne-Métropole, is a platform that is active on observation, creation, teaching, training and research through design.

Design Austria

Published in ECC Members
15 January 2015


Designaustria became a BEDA European Centre of Competence in 2012, for their European Design Business Dialogue programme. They explain how the ECC status benefits them and their members, and how it will support their future plans.

Norwegian Design Council (NDC)

Published in ECC Members
14 January 2015

NorwegianDesignCouncilNorwegian Design Council (NDC) has for almost a decade had a dedicated focus on Design for all/Inclusive Design.

Their Innovation for All Programme was initiated in 2005 as part of the comprehensive Norwegian Government’s Action Plan on Universal Design - the only programme focusing on design and innovation addressing trade and industry with a commercial focus.

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