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4 18The Innovation for All Programme at the Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture

For almost ten years the Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture have worked to raise the profile of Inclusive Design at national level; they share their knowledge at their forthcoming international Innovation for All conference in Oslo, 12-13 May.

Innovation for all 2014, Oslo

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7 November 2014

8 12The Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture share findings from the Innovation for All conference recently held in Oslo.

Traditional trade and industry are facing tough global competition and structural change. An ageing population is putting great pressure on our society. Rapid urbanisation drives the need for improved infrastructure and cities that are more people friendly. The climate challenge needs to be addressed more actively.

Active by Design

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18 September 2014

10 16 activebydesign Active by Design: improving the nation’s health step by step. 18 September, London
Physical inactivity costs the UK economy approximately £20 billion every year, but it is also costing the UK its physical wellbeing. The lack of physical activity leads to around 37,000 premature deaths a year in the UK, with the nation’s children likely to have lower life expectancy than us.

Design to Business

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12 September 2014

10 11 Citedudesign “Design to Business”, 3rd National Design business convention organized by Cité du design in Saint-Etienne and Paris, 12th September 2014
Since 2012 the Cité du design has organised a national business convention in Saint-Etienne, gathering designers and industrial and services buyers to create opportunities for business meetings and moments of privileged exchanges.

16_AveiroPortugalCall for papers: International Conference in Design History and Design Studies, July 2014, Aveiro, Portugal

The aim and scope of this conference is to continue to challenge the intellectual and geographical boundaries of knowledge embraced by design history and design studies, stimulating further exploration and understanding of the tensions between countries 'at the periphery' and those that have conventionally dominated the centre ground.

The ‘European Province’ workshop could be of particular interest to BEDA members. More information about ICDHS 2014 can be found at

Measuring Design Value

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26 June 2014

10 1 Eurodesign€ Design – Measuring Design Value - Final Conference, Thursday 26 June 2014 BOZAR, Brussels

The € Design project provides insights on measuring the value created by design. The aim of this project is to identify parameters of design as an economic factor for production and the relationships between those parameters, and to provide policy makers with reliable macro-economic data about the impacts of design efforts in terms of GDP growth, and thereby to create evidence for mainstreaming design as an economic factor of value creation.

10 4 EHDMReport on the EHDM conference Copenhagen
On the 15th of May the European House of Design Management organised a conference on Encouraging Design Driven Public Sector Innovation, to preview the EHDM Toolkit and celebrate the potential of design and innovation in the public sector. Attendees heard from a range of speakers including industry experts and practitioners who have successfully applied design and innovation methods in the public sector.

10 5 PROUDInspiring exchange: PROUD Forum “Design for societal challenges” in the Red Dot Design Museum Essen
How does design react to social change? Which methods does it use? And how can design values be conveyed in a society where the word “design” is applied to almost everything? On Thursday, 8 May 2014, more than 120 attendees joined the PROUD Forum “Design for societal challenges” in the Red Dot Design Museum Essen. Experts from around the world offered insights into new design tools and methods and assessed their potential in terms of their productive and social value.

Leading Business By Design

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12 February 2014

8_LeadingBusinessbyDesign3Leading Business by Design
12 February 2014

Few would contest that creativity is an essential attribute for modern businesses competing in a global market. Design approaches are widely and successfully used to generate innovative products and services. But design’s more strategic role at boardroom level is less well-understood: can the approach also create business growth and bring other long-term benefits?

Conflict & Design

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15 December 2013

17_DesignFlandersConflictConflict & Design

This winter, from 15 December 2013 through 9 March 2014, Design Flanders is organising “Conflict & Design”, the 7th edition of the Design Triennial in Flanders, in association with C-mine Genk and Innovatie & Design Euregio.

This triennial, under the artistic management of curator Kurt Vanbelleghem, focuses on the way designers approach conflict situations and on the impact their designs have on our society. Moreover, “conflict” motivates them to create innovative social design processes and projects. It affords their work substance and meaning.

The exhibition provides food for thought about how, in the (near) future, we will be obliged to interact with each other and manage our natural resources in fundamentally different ways.

The participating designers display fascinating presentations of their work, each from their own specific perspective, in which they apply new methods and ways of thinking to contemporary design. They demonstrate how, through their design process, they offer solutions for all types of conflicts, from social conflicts between people to conflicts with nature, in the current economic situation and in a disjointed society. A conflict is seldom or never viewed as something positive, but appears to be a necessary driving force for innovation. Not innovation for the sake of innovation, but rather design with a clear social-societal objective: creating a better living, social and working climate.

In a nutshell, “Conflict & Design” is a dynamic project that is not limited to presenting work, but one in which design thinking and design processes are paramount, with the aim of also actively involving the public in the project as a whole. Don’t miss out!

Conflict & Design, the 7th Design Triennial in Flanders
Date: 15.12.2013 – 09.03.2014
Every day from 10am to 7pm. Closed on holidays
Entry: Free of charge

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