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The New Belgians

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14 October 2016

THE NEW BELGIANSFrom Milan to Brussels for Belgium is Design exhibitions.

The New Belgians consider the potential of materials and objects, whilst Belgian Matters showcase collaborations between designers and organsations.

Berlin Design Selection

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14 October 2016

Berlin Design Selection 2016Berlin Design Selection 2016 at Biennale Interieur, 14-23 October, Kortrijk.

IDZ showcase ‘Berliner Zimmer’ style in the ‘Berlin Design Selection 2016’ at this year’s Biennale Interieur in Kortrijk.

Organized by the IDZ, this year’s ‘Berlin Design Selection’ will be celebrating its premiere at the Biennale Interieur in Kortrijk (Belgium) from 14th till 23rd of October. Biennale Interieur is a curated trade fair, presenting 300 international brands and 70 design presentations.

Connecting The Dots

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22 September 2016

Connecting The DotsEnlightened Design: Dutch designers' exhibition at LDF 2016, 22-25 September.

Connecting The Dots presents the extraordinary work of Dutch top designers in a unique location: an eighteenth-century Georgian merchant’s house. The building (at 4 Princelet Street in Spitalfields) regularly serves as a location for film and photo shoots and is only 100 metres from the popular London Design Fair exhibition location including Tent/Super Brands.

Focus on technology

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20 September 2016

Red Dot Design Museum EssenFocus on technology: Red Dot Design Museum Essen presents inspiring exhibitions.

Red Dot Design Museum Essen harness technology as a driving force for innovation in their exhibition programme this autumn.

DESIGN map exhibition 2014

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6 June 2014

7_DesignMapsDESIGN map exhibition 2014
06/06/2014 - 04/01/2015

Design map is an exhibition and programme of events organized by Cité du design, Saint-Etienne, allowing visitors to discover the dynamism, competences and profession of designers from the Rhône-Alpes Region.

This year the topic of the exhibition is “the benefits of design”. At the core of the creative district “Manufacture”, inside the Cité du design, design studios and designers will present their creations and their collaborations with companies and retailers.

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Saint-Etienne meets Graz

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30 April 2014

8_DesignMonatSaint-Etienne meets Graz” exhibition - Design Monat Graz 30/04/2014 – 01/06/2014

From 30th April to 1st June 2014, Saint-Etienne will be the guest of honour of Graz Design Monat Festival. Each year since 2012, Graz UNESCO Creative City of Design (Austria) invites a partner city of the UNESCO Network to this event, to show international design, creativity, innovations and development as well as supporting the exchange of know-how.

Wood Works

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14 February 2014

18_WoodWorksWood Works – exhibition at the Design Flanders Gallery, 14/02/2014 - 13/04/2014

As you might suspect from the title, all of the objects in the ‘Wood, the new gold’ exhibition are made using wood. Wood plays an essential role in each of them, either due to its technical properties, or because of its exceptional tactility, texture and natural beauty - whether it is used in industrial products, or in furniture and other utilitarian objects with a small production run, or in unique, one-off pieces.

Conflict & Design

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15 December 2013

17_DesignFlandersConflictConflict & Design

This winter, from 15 December 2013 through 9 March 2014, Design Flanders is organising “Conflict & Design”, the 7th edition of the Design Triennial in Flanders, in association with C-mine Genk and Innovatie & Design Euregio.

This triennial, under the artistic management of curator Kurt Vanbelleghem, focuses on the way designers approach conflict situations and on the impact their designs have on our society. Moreover, “conflict” motivates them to create innovative social design processes and projects. It affords their work substance and meaning.

The exhibition provides food for thought about how, in the (near) future, we will be obliged to interact with each other and manage our natural resources in fundamentally different ways.

The participating designers display fascinating presentations of their work, each from their own specific perspective, in which they apply new methods and ways of thinking to contemporary design. They demonstrate how, through their design process, they offer solutions for all types of conflicts, from social conflicts between people to conflicts with nature, in the current economic situation and in a disjointed society. A conflict is seldom or never viewed as something positive, but appears to be a necessary driving force for innovation. Not innovation for the sake of innovation, but rather design with a clear social-societal objective: creating a better living, social and working climate.

In a nutshell, “Conflict & Design” is a dynamic project that is not limited to presenting work, but one in which design thinking and design processes are paramount, with the aim of also actively involving the public in the project as a whole. Don’t miss out!

Conflict & Design, the 7th Design Triennial in Flanders
Date: 15.12.2013 – 09.03.2014
Every day from 10am to 7pm. Closed on holidays
Entry: Free of charge


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1 October 2011


TOTEM AND TABOO. Complexity and relationships between art and design.

TOTEM AND TABOO is an exhibition about conventions in art and design. Since the 1960s, artists have repeatedly used design objects in their work as references, and for some time design has been incorporating concepts and formats from art. One offs and limited editions are produced solely for exhibitions, transforming design from utility to an event. The exhibition concentrates on contemporary art and contemporary design. Rather than explaining its subject, it explores a gap in the discourse on design and art and questions the boundaries of disciplines.

TOTEM AND TABOO views art as a hypothetical "father figure" or relative of design. The metaphor of family relationships or family similarity led the group of writers and curators behind the show to take a closer look at Sigmund Freud's "Totem and Taboo". He wrote this collection of essays around 1910, about the same time that modern design first emerged as a discipline. The totem is an object representing an absent relative, and the taboo refers to the fear of incest, or in other words excessive closeness to a relative. The curators have used Freud's book as a model to describe the relationship between design and art.

When: 1 October to 20 November
Daily: 10:00-19:00 admission free
Opening:  Fri, Sep 30, 19:00 in the context of VIENNA DESIGN WEEK
Where: freiraum quartier21 INTERNATIONAL MuseumsQuartier Wien
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This is Design

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24 August 2011


This is Design is a celebration of the Design Museum's Collection, which examines the impact of design on the modern world, whilst also exploring the consequences of design and how it shapes our lives and contemporary culture.


To coincide with the opening of the Design Museum’s latest exhibition, ‘This is Design’, the museum has announced two major acquisitions to its Collection: Britain’s celebrated red telephone box, donated by BT and a set of traffic lights designed by David Mellor.

The acquisitions are both featured in ‘This is Design’ which celebrates and features highlights from the museum’s Collection including the Anglepoise lamp, UK road signs, UK traffic lights, the candlestick telephone and the Moulton bicycle.

Contact BEDA  Koloniënstraat 56, 1000 Brussels (Belgium) t. (+32) 2 217 39 77  f. (+32) 2 217 99 72
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