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Innovation ID

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30 March 2016

ID2016 v2Design has proven to be a dynamic tool for innovation. The European Commission has recognised design as a key driver of innovation for bringing user-friendly products to the market and for making both private and public services better correspond to user needs. However, many SMEs are not yet aware of the advantages design can bring to their company and they lack the necessary design management skills. Moreover, as stated in the Innovation Union Flagship Initiative, although some European countries are world leaders in design, others lack a robust design infrastructure and design capability.

The one-day conference ‘Innovation ID’ will give attendees the opportunity to discover how design can help business innovate, grow and be more competitive in a globalised economy. The conference is specially targeted to SMEs, start-ups and entrepreneurs, as well as to business intermediaries. Participants will get a deep understanding of what design is, how it is implemented and how it works in practice. Some methodologies will be explained in detail. Moreover, attendees will hear from practical examples of business and organisations that are using design.

DesignPolicyMonitor 2015The SEE Design Policy Monitor 2015 draws on the experiences of SEE to examine future trends in design policies and programmes. The Monitor explores the state of play for design across Europe and makes a series of recommendations for governments.

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  • Keywords Case Studies, Competitiveness, Design Policies, Growth, Innovation, Research

Creative Sprint

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8 April 2014

CreativeSprintCreative Sprint is a direct result of a "booksprint" - a collaborative approach to writing - organized as part of the project Creative Capital Conference (C2C), which was funded by the state of Brandenburg with resources from the European Social Fund.

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LeadingBusinessByDesignLeading Business by Design is Design Council’s qualitative research project that investigates the strategic use of design at senior levels in a sample of UK and global businesses.

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  • Keywords Competitiveness, Growth, Innovation, Performance, Research

design_for_public_good The Design for Public Good report presents a collection of 12 case studies and a series of tools to enhance the understanding of design for public sector innovation and its use in mainstream practice. The report is a collaborative effort between the Design Council, Design Wales, Danish Design Centre and Aalto University.

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  • Keywords Design Thinking, Innovation, Research

DFGP "Design for Growth and Prosperity", the report by the European Design Leadership Board contains 21 concrete policy recommendations to the European Commission on how we could make better use of design as a driver of growth and a tool for competitiveness.

The European Design Leadership Board was tasked to consider how links between design, innovation and competitiveness could be strengthened. As the European economy continues to face challenges, the report opens up new visions of growth. The Board submitted its report to Commission Vice President Antonio Tajani at the European Design Innovation Summit in Helsinki.

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  • Keywords Competitiveness, Education, Innovation

Danish2020In recent years, developments in the use of design have blurred the boundaries between design and a range of related activities. Design has come to mean more than giving form; it has increasingly become a strategic element in innovation processes in private enterprises and public organisations.

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  • Keywords Design Policies, Growth, Innovation, Productivity

3 SEE DesignPolicy12Design Policy Monitor measures design spend and activity across Europe
Design Wales / PDR, lead partner of the SEE Platform has published a report called the Design Policy Monitor that collates statistics on design performance in a number of EU countries.

The lack of statistical data on design in Europe is frequently cited as a barrier to design forming part of innovation policy.

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  • Keywords Competitiveness, Design Policies, Innovation, Performance

SEEPlatformPublicationsThe SEE Platform is a network of 11 European partners engaging with national and regional governments to integrate design into innovation policies and innovation programmes.

Through new research, workshops for policy-makers and programme managers, case studies, policy recommendations and the Design Policy Monitor, SEE has built a bank of evidence to support public authorities in integrating design into their mainstream practice.

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  • Keywords Case Studies, Competitiveness, Design Policies, Growth, Innovation, Research

InnovationThe UK has a global reputation for Innovation and Research. Our knowledge base, whichincludes renowned universities and research institutes, is the most productive among the G8. We have a proud record of invention – from the creation of life-saving medicines to the development of the internet.

This Strategy builds on the UK’s recognised strengths, and sets out how we will work with business and the knowledge base to underpin private sector led growth.

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  • Keywords Design Policies, Innovation, Research
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