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BEDA GA, GA+We report on the recent BEDA GA and GA+, which took place in Limassol, Cyprus, at the end of May.

Creating growth

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1 December 2014

CreatingGrowthMeasuring cultural and creative markets in the EU
A growing body of evidence shows that the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs) are sources of growth and jobs, benefiting local communities, regions and states. This study aims to point out where these industries fit into the economy and society in Europe.

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Creative Sprint

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8 April 2014

CreativeSprintCreative Sprint is a direct result of a "booksprint" - a collaborative approach to writing - organized as part of the project Creative Capital Conference (C2C), which was funded by the state of Brandenburg with resources from the European Social Fund.

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ReducingViolenceReducing violence and aggression in A&E: Through a better experience
Many people become frustrated during their time in Accident and Emergency departments because of a lack of clear, effective information and guidance. This, combined with anxiety and pain, reduces people's tolerance levels and make them more likely to behave aggressively toward the staff. The Design Council partnered with the National Health Service to develop new systems that help reduce violence and aggression in A&E.

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BEDA BookJacketBEDA Positioning Paper on Public Procurement – spread the word
During the meeting held in Barcelona in March 2013, BEDA’s General Assembly voted and accepted the Professional Working Group’s Proposal for a BEDA Positioning Paper on Public Procurement. To achieve maximum exposure and impact it was agreed by the GA that in addition to the paper, BEDA would draw up an Action Plan with recommendations on how to proceed with the Positioning Paper at national levels.

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rsz design effectivenessRotterdam School of Management (RSM) - Erasmus University Rotterdam.
In collaboration with Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering Delft University of Technology (TUD).

Emphasizing design, and including designers in new product development teams, contributes to new product success. Likewise, involving designers in developing web sites and corporate visual identity helps to improve firm image. Together, this translates to better firm performance. These are the main findings of research conducted in a large sample of Dutch firms from both manufacturing and service sectors.

Two main design foci are identified in the study: experiential design, which is about appealing to the senses, supporting self-expression and evoking emotions, and functional design, which is concerned with technology, functionality and ergonomics.

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Craft in an Age of Change - February 2012

Craft in an Age of Change is a major survey of contemporary craft at the beginning of the second decade of the 21st century. It examines the place of craft in the creative economy and the working patterns of makers and other craft professionals.

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expert panel reportThis report “Meeting the Challenge of Europe 2020: The Transformative Power of Service Innovation” is produced by the Expert Panel on Service Innovation in the EU, with assistance from the Secretariat to the Expert Panel. The Secretariat consists of staff from the Danish Technological Institute (DK), SPRU at the University of Sussex (UK) and eSTRAT (Lux).

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European Design Report

Published in BEDA Publications
1 January 2006

EuropeanDesignReportIt is with pleasure that we present this first European Design Report of national facts and figures from 27 European countries. A total of 410,000 designers in Europe today generate an annual turnover of 35 billion euros. This represents 5.4 % of the added value of the EU Business Service Sector in 2002.

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The data in The Business of Design is drawn from the Design Council’s 2005 Design Industry Research, commissioned with the DBA.

All worthwhile plans and projects need to be based on sound evidence. So, to underpin our future initiatives to strengthen the UK’s design industry we’ve undertaken this first comprehensive survey of the sector.

What’s emerged is the clearest picture yet of its strengths, its potential and its key challenges.

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