BEDA’s vision is for design to be embraced in Europe as a driver of sustainable growth and prosperity. BEDA boasts 47 members from some 25 member states in Europe. Members can be design promotion centres and other publicly funded organisations that promote design nationally or regionally as well as professional and trade associations for designers from across Europe.


2019 is an exciting year for us – BEDA will celebrate its 50th anniversary on May 16th. During this year BEDA will focus on creating insight for the next generation of design policy for Europe, as we launch the Design Action Plan. The current design policy was created by the European Commission in 2013, with significant input from BEDA and its board at the time. The world has, however, changed significantly in a short time, and Europe now needs a new design policy to support industrial competitiveness, citizens’ wellbeing, and European culture.

Bart Ahsmann

BEDA’s president 2017-2019

We need new approaches to design and to design professions, and more European level collaboration with professions and professionals close to design. It is also important to open co-operation with European businesses (BusinessEurope) to enchance use of design in European internal market and improve Europe's competitiveness. It is my understanding that collaboration is vital. Change does not stop on boarders of any country.

Päivi Tahkokallio

BEDA’s vice-president