September 2021

This year’s Lithuanian Design Week, organised by the Lithuanian Design Forum, will take place from 11-17 October. The festival invites us to transcend all possible concepts, definitions, and the limits of thinking about design and its essence! The theme of this years Design Week is symbiosis.

This autumn, the Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency launches a series of targeted programmes to promote Hungarian fashion and design brands and it will provide an opportunity to participate at several events in Budapest, abroad and digitally as part of the Fashion & Design Autumn.

designaustria presents circular design at Milan Design Week 2021 at exhibition »FiberEUse« at Superstudio Più By participating in a barnstorming exhibition at the Supersalone, designaustria successfully completes its partnership in the H2020 project »FiberEUse«. »FiberEUse« (GA No. H2020-730323-1) aims at integrating various innovation actions to enhance

The Budapest Design Week (BDW) will be organised by the Hungarian Design Council under the patronage of the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office for the 18th time in 2021, between October 8 and 17. The central theme of this year’s Design Week is New Standards, so the

Brands are shaping our daily lives. The exhibition on brand design and corporate identity reveals background stories of some of Austrians best known and recognised corporate brands. MQ Wien designforum Wien Museumsplatz 1 Vienna, Austria Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 10:00 - 18:00. Sat/Sun & holidays: 13:00 - 18:00. Find out more here: