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Opening our doors to increased dialogue with BEDA Members In response to the current pressing need for increased communications, BEDA is further supporting its Members by initiating the ongoing, online Open Doors Dialogues. JOIN the first BEDA Open Doors dialogue on Tue 31st March at 17:00—18:00 CET

In her introduction to the latest BEDA Newsletter, BEDA's President Päivi Tahkolkallio offers her response to the COVID-19 crisis. Read it in full here. Facts. Hope. Calmness. This was the response a Finnish theologist gave a while ago to the journalist who asked how you could ease

This is an important announcement about the plans for the 2020 BEDA General Assembly and the BEDA European Design Forum. 2020 BEDA General Assembly BEDA is viewing the opportunities provided by online communication as a way to respond proactively to the current Coronavirus COVID-19 situation. Please now note

5 BEDA members tell us about their involvement on the subject. In the past, notably at the BEDA Insight Forum in 2019, BEDA has asked its members to tell which themes they believe will have the greatest impact on design today and in the next five

Lack of data on impact of design interventions is an often quoted barrier of broader adoption of design-driven innovation. In 2019, PDR at Cardiff Metropolitan University conducted an evaluation of the experience and impact of the By Design grant on participating companies as part of the

The Transform Ageing programme is a pioneering community and design-led programme delivered through a partnership led by Design Council that aims to improve people’s experience of ageing. Here we share the Final Report Executive Summary outlining the key insights, learning and evaluation from the programme. To register

OPEN CALL: Funded Opportunity for Designers and Craftspeople As part of an International partnership project, funded by Creative Europe, Crafting Europe is looking for 20 participants in eight countries to take part in ‘iAtelier’. iAtelier’s funded programme will create a craft/product innovation springboard by providing participants

The international ICONIC AWARDS 2020: Innovative Architecture are open for registration. These awards recognise the crème de la crème of architecture and innovative interior and product design, as well as outstanding communication concepts and singularly innovative materials. The winners will be honoured at the awards ceremony