Having completed the first year of Design4Innovation, we asked our partners to reflect on the meaning of design and the importance of European collaboration. We also share our progress so far and the ambitions for the future. Watch our video filmed as part of our partnership

BEDA, now a network of 50 design centres and professional associations of designers is the voice of European design community especially towards the European Commission. We can proudly say that thanks to BEDA, design has been elevated to a highly relevant position on European Commission’s

ERRIN's Design & Creativity Working Group organised an event on 8 March 2018, where participants explored the benefits of incorporating design and creative industries in innovation. At this event, the Cité du design presented “When design…takes up residence”, a programme that facilitates the integration of

Design Ecosystems are a theoretical framework used by academics and policy-makers to identify and examine the actors and initiatives in the design landscape in a country or region. Subsequently, governments can choose to intervene, to stimulate the supply of or demand for design within the

The BEDA GA+, an additional day during the General Assembly, was initiated in Milan in 2015 to allow members to share their experience, discuss current challenges in design and encourage closer collaboration. This year the GA+ evolved into the first BEDA European Design Forum with