The XVII Tallinn Design Festival brings into focus topics related to sustainability and green design. And no surprise: it would be inappropriate to talk only about aesthetics at a time when bullets are whistling nearby, climate change has become increasingly catastrophic, and the economy is

European Commission adopted a 2023 work programme for Creative Europe. The programme will continue to contribute to the implementation of the New European Bauhaus initiative through its CULTURE and CROSS SECTORAL strands. Specifically, the programme plans to contribute to the New European Bauhaus will be in

5 DAYS OF STATE-OF-THE-ART KNOWLEDGE AND INSPIRATION FROM THE DESIGN SECTOR The annual Design Research & Innovation Festival organized by CLICKNL and 4TU.Design United has just announced its first five speakers. From 24 to 28 October, researchers and designers will talk about their latest top-notch

Iceland Design and Architecture, in collaboration with Nordic colleagues, has published a compilation of cases and review articles that reflect design methods and solutions that promote nature experiences and nature conservation on the website Nature is a major attraction in the Nordic countries. At the

Open for application in DesignMarch festival 2023, which will take place in Reykjavík and the capital area for the 15th time May 3rd - 7th. The annual festival brings together participants and guests with progressive design and innovation. Deadline is September 29th and participants can update

With the help of slanted, bayern design tracked down designers, artists, photographers, illustrators, and crafters—all people who love their region (almost a third of the Bavarian population prefers to spend their vacations in their own state) and are passionate about what they do. Clearly, Bavaria