Project Kick-Off: let's go to work! In Autumn 2020, Esadse and its international partners participated in the Erasmus + exceptional call for projects addressing the challenges posed by the pandemic crisis and lock down periods. The project proposal Digital Tools for Creative Collaboration was approved by the

Congratulations to PDR who have picked up 4 iF Design Awards for 2021 - one of which is an iF Gold Award. The Female Brace, for R&D Surgical Ltd, is designed specifically for the teenage female form and is a development of our 2020 iF Gold

We are all aware of the big technology companies collecting uncanny amounts of personal data, using cunning algorithms to manipulate our brains, and hiring skilled brain researchers to make users addicted to digital products. These are scary stories, but they can also seem abstract and

Patronage by Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. With the publication series »Major German Brands«, the German Design Council presents companies with outstanding brand management and excellent design. This year, the publication is under the patronage of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. »The

The next Munich Creative Business Week (MCBW) will take place from 5-13 March 2022. The 2022 theme of the year is MOVING HORIZONS. With the MCBW 2022, we seek to gaze at the horizon and beyond, to expand and move horizons, to question old horizons and

The second virtual DBA Design Effectiveness Awards’ winners announcement was held live online on Tuesday 15 June. Spanning work for global brands and high street banks to family businesses, sports clubs, start-ups and charities, 28 agency and client partnerships discovered if they’d won Gold, Silver or

We invite you to join Roca's International Design Contest. The competition, which is organised by Roca in collaboration with BCD Barcelona Design centre, is divided into four categories: Wellness & Health, [Un]neutral design, Water & Energy and Crisis & Emergency. Participants are challenged to come up with