Cities And Users

Mission: To share expertise on this field, and to devise new methodologies in order to innovate, as well as to detect unexpressed demands and needs from business and ever-evolving lifestyles.

Design & IPR

Mission: A respectful approach to IPR, including the introduction of a uniform copyright law; informing and educating the general public; starting a dialogue among stakeholders; starting a lobby to remove the contradiction between national and community law.

Design Business Models

The Cluster on Design Business Model aims to increase the profitability of different design business across the field.

Design for All

Mission: To enhance our own organization’s as we as the partners’ and other BEDA members’ competence in the area of Design for All / Inclusive Design. Bearing in mind the strong increase in international, national, regional and local focus on the necessity to implement Design for All thinking, legislation and practical adaption, BEDA and its Cluster on Design for All must take on a leading role in this focus. Particularly in view of the increasing aging population, Design for All will soon have to encompass all of our surroundings, products and services.

Design Policy

Mission: To support BEDA members in developing design policy actions specific to their region or country through a hands-on process.

Design Stats

Mission: To get a complete and broader picture on the number of designers in Europe and some basic figures on their economic performance.


Mission: The aim of BEDA Design4Tourism Cluster is twofold: A) to explore the advantages that design-thinking skills, and particularly service-design methodology, can bring to the tourism industry…


Mission: to increase awareness and knowledge among design centres, professionals and policy makers, dealing with ecodesign. To receive input from enterprises, higher education institutions, design centres, design lecturers and professionals, public sector and consumers.

European Design and Business Dialogue

Mission: To build a platform for exchange between designers and the business community.

Measuring Design Value

Mission: Building on the legacy of €Design (EDII project), the Cluster is aimed at continuing influencing the EC / Eurostat and the OECD on the need of including design in the EU Innovation…

Membership Benefits

Mission: Help European design associations to remain vital. Knowledge exchange / reviews / updating / development of current practices.