Project Summary

Name: Tourism-ID
Lead: Business and Cultural Development Centre – KEPA [EL]
Partners: 3
Value: € 50.000
Funder: Horizon 2020
Duration: 12 months


The project aims to promote the interest and investment of small-and-medium-sized enterprises of Tourism Sector (SMEs) in relation to utilizing design and transforming design activity into tradable deliverables that manifest exploitation. To achieve this, three organizations that facing this issue with different expertise are joining forces to create the most suitable and sustainable supporting instrument. TOURISM ID project adopts a co-creation focused on breaking down the above barriers by evolving all the relevant stakeholders to the process for the creation of the dedicated Support Instrument for Innovation In tourism industry and gathering insights from the smes in order to reframe the barriers.

Overall ovjective: To use the experience, the tools, the capacity and the partners’ knowledge in order to create a framework – guide for designing “Design Driven Innovation Support Schemes for the Tourism Sector enterprises” by using Twining Advanced methodology. This Guide, the “Design Options Paper” will serve as a Handbook for the innovation agencies concerned with designing and/ or implementing innovation programmes for SMEs, in order to develop similar “enterprise – friendly support schemes” tailored made for tourism sector.