BEDA’s vision is for design to be embraced in Europe as a driver of sustainable growth and prosperity. BEDA boasts 54 members from 28 countries of Europe. Members can be design promotion centres and other publicly funded organisations that promote design nationally or regionally as well as professional and trade associations for designers from across Europe.


Each year brings its own challenges, always increasingly complex and which seem ever more unattainable. Design could help us to find our path, to discover solutions and to move forward. Overall, creativity, in all its forms, has the power to improve our life and that of others around us. Our strength will grow in building collaborations, taking care of our neighbours and being respectful of the planet.

Isabelle Vérilhac

BEDA President

The world is complex enough at the moment. Climate change requires our constant attention — and more, our immediate actions — and the current pandemic demands our attention as much. Design has always been able to react to changes in the world around us. Now that the changes are of larger scale than ever before, reacting is not enough. Design must proactively support strategic processes, forecasting, identifying risks. All in the end to ensure that people and planet both not only survive but can flourish, also for future generations.

Päivi Tahkokallio