Bart Ahsmann

Bart Ahsmann


Bart Ahsmann graduated in 1988 with a degree in Industrial Design at TU Delft. Following graduation, he worked in the professional design field for 13 years for design firms including Van Holsteijn & Kemna (Delft) and EJOK (Rotterdam). This is where he developed his skills and experience in developing sustainable consumer and industry products for major (inter)national manufacturing and SME clients. In 2001 he joined Syntens, where he worked as consultant with a focus on innovation for Dutch SMEs. While there, he initiated partnerships with knowledge institutes and was involved in developing new innovation methods.

In 2009 he joined TU Delft, faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, in order to stimulate and professionalise knowledge transfer and collaboration in the field of design. He was responsible for initiating and developing a number of large-scale research and innovation projects, industry partnerships, design start-ups, and the 3TU Research Centre Design United. Amongst others, he is one of the architects of the major national research programme on Product Service Systems: CRISP, and he is the driving force behind the CLICKNL|DESIGN programmes CIRCO and UPPS Fieldlab.

Since March 2016, Bart is Managing Director of CLICKNL, the Dutch Creative Industries knowledge and innovation network. He will continue his association with Design United.

CLICKNL Director (NL)