Christina Melander

Program Director at Danish Design Centre

Christina Melander is Programme Director at the Danish Design Centre in charge of the strategic platform Design Resources which aims to make Denmark the world’s leading hub for design resources. It achieves this through alliances, partnerships and initiatives that promote the professionalisation of the Danish design industry and which brand Danish design nationally and internationally.

Christina has worked in the intersection of strategic design, business development, and innovation for more than 20 years and has developed programs and courses in the design field as well as across industries, advised at policy level, and implemented strategy and policy.

Christina leads the Design Forum which brings together leading stakeholders in the Danish design ecosystem. In particular, she is engaged in exploring the value of design leading several major surveys and studies, most recently ‘Design Delivers’ and ‘Nordic Design Resource’. In addition, Christina is Head of the Danish Design Award, which annually documents and celebrates the difference design can make to businesses and society. In partnership with colleagues from the Danish Design Council, KADK and Design Museum Denmark, Christina has been at the forefront of mapping the Danish design DNA.

Christina has been with the Danish Design Centre since 2000 and holds an MSc in Design and Communication Management from the Copenhagen Business School.



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Nordic Design Resource

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