Cyrielle Doutrewe

Project Manager at Wallonie Design (BE)

Cyrielle Doutrewe has worked for Wallonie Design since January 2011 and has been on the BEDA BOARD since 2018, serving as BEDA Treasurer from December 2019 to May 2021.

Cyrielle studied Philosophy and has taken several training courses in Design Thinking, Facilitation and Prospective Studies, all of which have helped her to develop analytical and synthetical thinking skills and the ability to understand the issues at stake in complex situations.

At Wallonie Design, Cyrielle’s first task was to set up a Call for a project financing SME’s and freelancers in the creative industries. Within the European project, ‘Wallonia European Creative District’, Cyrielle set up another financing mechanism – Creativity Vouchers – in order to encourage ‘traditional’ SME’s to work with creatives, among them designers.

Four years ago, she utilised design thinking and various facilitation tools in a strategic process to reflect on the services of Wallonie Design.

Cyrielle is also engaged in the Interreg project, ‘Tripod-II’, promoting design as an asset to develop the economy in Hauts-de-France, Wallonia and Flanders.

As a member of the BEDA Board, Cyrielle has evaluated the needs of Members through the synthesis of past surveys and the launch of a new questionnaire in 2019. She was also involved in highlighting the actions of Members in relation to sustainability, one of the most important themes for design, according to the BEDA membership.

Project Manager at Wallonie Design (BE)