Lars Eriksson

Board member of the Swedish Design Society, Sweden

I have been working as an Industrial designer since 1994 when I was graduated in Umea with a Master of Fine Art at the Ume Institute of Design UID, at Umea University. I have been working 11 years as an Industrial Designer with over 30 industrial clients in total; including research and educational company , collaborating with over 200 clients. At present I am working with education and research with a focus on Industrial design in general and surface properties in particular.

I have been working as a program manager for a master program in Industrial Design for students with a Bachelor Mechanical Engineering since 2006. The program has an ambition to focus on doing design in collaboration with enterprise, mainly in the region of Jönköping.

I have been working with research since 2002. In my role as a researcher, I do research in Industrial Design with a special focus on surface properties with a functional approach, customer acceptance and Sensation and Perception. We are working with companies like Volvo Cars, IKEA, Atlas Copco, Apple Computer, Thule and others. I also supervise PhD students in areas such as user experience, product design, new materials, sustainability, design driven innovation and lighting design.