Päivi Tahkokallio

Päivi Tahkokallio 350x500

BEDA President / Advisor to the Board of Ornamo Art and Design Finland (FI)

“Moving to Lapland eleven years ago changed my perspective. Living in the Arctic reminds you every day of the fragility of our globe in the hands of climate change. We need responsible actions, and here design can serve.”

As founder of her business Tahkokallio Design+, a design thinking and strategic design agency from Lapland, north Finland, Päivi initiated and has developed arctic design as an approach to strengthen the role of design in sustainable development of the Arctic region.

As President of BEDA on 2019 – 2021, Päivi is leading the creation of next generation design policy for Europe with climate change, digitalisation and values as the key themes. The current pandemic is a timely reminder of the need for agility, and this is what design can bring.

Ornamo Vice-President (FI)