BEDA elects the BEDA Board of Directors, term 2022-2024

As a part of BEDA General Assembly on 20 May BEDA elects 11 Board Members. While this includes the commitment of previous Board Members, it also includes three new board members. The BEDA Board of Directors serving a two-year term are as follows (in alphabetical order):

Andrew Bradley

Design & Crafts Council of Ireland, Ireland

Board Member since 2020 



Anna Kohut-Jankó

Hungarian Design Council, Hungary

Board Member since 2018



Fabrizio Pierandrei

Association for Industrial Design, Italy

Board Member since 2018



Ingrid van der Wacht

Dutch Design Foundation, Netherland

Board Member since 2020



Lars Eriksson

Swedish Design Society, Sweden

Board Member since 2022



Mark Illi

Swiss Design Association, Switzerland

Board Member since 2022



Martin Fössleitner

designaustria, Austria

Board Member since 2018



Piotr Swiatek

PDR-Cardiff Metropolitan University, United Kingdom

Board Member since 2020



Regina Hanke

Deutscher Designtag e.V., Germany

Board Member since 2022




The BEDA President and BEDA Vice President did not stand for election. Isabelle Vérilhac will continue her presidency until the General Assembly in May 2023, at which point Christina Melander becomes the President of BEDA, serving from May 2023 until May 2025.

Isabelle Vérilhac

Cité du design, France

President since 2020



Christina Melander

Danish Design Centre, Denmark

Vice President since 2021