BEDA General Assembly 2022 Report

Following the 53rd General Assembly of the Bureau of European Design Associations (BEDA) held 20 May and hosted by Cité du Design, St Étienne, BEDA is delighted to announce the Board of Directors for the term 2022-2024 and four new Members alongside the positive developments in its on-going work.

BEDA can be better positioned to influence key actors and stakeholders in working collaboratively towards a successful Europe through design, including crucial topics such as the New European Bauhaus, in addition to the Cultural and Creative Industries and Europe’s renewed Industrial Strategy. BEDA will continue to be a powerful driver for cohesion and collaboration.

Welcoming four new members to BEDA
At its annual General Assembly held online on Friday 20 May 2022, BEDA Members ratified four new organisations from four European countries as full members of BEDA. For the first time, BEDA has now a member organisation based in Iceland. This brings the total of BEDA’s organisational members to 54 organisations across 28 countries of Europe as members.

Unanimously, the following organisations were ratified to become full members of BEDA (in alphabetical order):

  • Creative Industries Styria, Austria
  • Iceland Design and Architecture, Iceland
  • Swedish Design Society, Sweden
  • Vilnius Academy of Arts – Design Innovation Centre, Lithuania

For more information about new member organisations see HERE.

BEDA elects the BEDA Board of Directors, term 2022-2024
BEDA now has 11 Board Members. While this includes the commitment of previous Board Members, it also includes three new board members. The BEDA Board of Directors serving a two-year term are as follows (in alphabetical order):

  • Andrew Bradley, Design & Crafts Council of Ireland, Ireland
  • Anna Kohut-Jankó, Hungarian Design Council, Hungary
  • Fabrizio Pierandrei, Association for Industrial Design, Italy
  • Ingrid van der Wacht, Dutch Design Foundation, Netherlands
  • Lars Eriksson, Swedish Design Society, Sweden
  • Mark Illi, Swiss Design Association, Switzerland
  • Martin Fössleitner, designaustria, Austria
  • Piotr Swiatek, PDR-Cardiff Metropolitan University, United Kingdom
  • Regina Hanke, Deutscher Designtag e.V., Germany

The BEDA President and BEDA Vice President did not stand for election. Isabelle Vérilhac will continue her presidency until the General Assembly in May 2023, at which point Christina Melander becomes the President of BEDA, serving from May 2023 until May 2025.

  • Isabelle Vérilhac, Cité du design, France – President since 2021
  • Christina Melander, Danish Design Centre, Denmark – Vice President since 2021

For more information about new board members see HERE.

I have full confidence in the newly elected Board of Directors, as well as in the dynamism of all BEDA members, to work together with design as a driving force for cohesion and collaboration, in order to take care of people and keep the planet healthy and sustainable.
– Isabelle Vérilhac Cité du design, France

The transsectoral quality of design and design methods is a chance to integrate human and planet centered design into the EU ecosystem – with the clear aim to foster democracy, strengthen EU-economics and adding societal value to citizens.To achieve this we need design experts with deep insights into those divers ecosystems – ranging from Health to deep tech. The Deutsche Designtag supports this ambitious goal in the context of BEDA – the European home of design associations.
– Regina Hanke, Deutscher Designtag e.V., Germany

I’m happy to have been elected to the Board of BEDA. Improving the lives of people with help of Design, and European collaborations feels very current and important today!
– Lars Eriksson, The Swedish Design Society, Sweden

Grateful for all the dedication and commitment by its Board Members, the Bureau of European Design Associations will benefit from the start of a new term, strengthened by new and continuous energy.