BEDA Cluster Measuring Design – Report 2017

Building on the legacy of €Design EDII project (2012-2014), this Cluster is aimed at continuing working on inititatives towards measurement and monitoring of design’s contribution to the economy and jobs creation, and about the relevance of these data for policy makers and the design, innovation and business communities.

Since the end of the project in 2014, we have been watching out any further developments on the measurement of design value in EU innovation surveys. This is the case of the Innobarometer 2015 and 2016 – EU business innovation trends, in its section on The Role of Design.

The definition of design provided by €Design project was: ‘To design is to integrate functional, emotional and social utilities when shaping goods, services, processes, messages and strategies’.

The definition of design used by the Innobarometer 2015 and 2016, in line with the definition proposed by €Design project, is: ‘Design covers a range of applications within companies, providing a means to integrate functionality, appearance and user experience, for goods or services. Design can also provide a means to build corporate identity and brand recognition’.

Therefore, 13.122 European companies provided information on design based on a broad concept of design as an integrator of functionality, appearance and user experience.

With the Innobarometer data, not only from design but from innovation answers, we have a solid base to estimate the impact of design in the creation of economic value.

On the other hand, the Cluster has been collecting other relevant reports and surveys on measuring design value in order to confront other views and methods being used.

All in all, this report summarizes the latest findings on the topic and intends to be a call of action for a collective effort to continue working on the measurement of design’s contribution as a key factor of successful innovation in order to improve design innovation policies and strategies effectiveness around Europe.

Theme: Design ManagementDesign PolicyDesign Support and PromotionDesign Value and Business Dialogue
Cluster: Design & IPRDesign Business ModelsDesign StatsMeasuring Design Value
Supporting Documents: BEDA Cluster Measuring Design Value – Report 2017.pdf
Date : 27/11/2017
EU Project: Design Europe 2021