In the positioning paper, BEDA offers some proposals with the aim of supporting opportunity, enterprise and innovation in EU design IPR.

These include a respectful approach to intellectual property rights; the introduction of a uniform copyright law and copyright contract law within the legal structures of the Member States, thus ensuring fair remuneration and a stronger bargaining position for designers with regard to their intellectual property rights; informing and educating the general public – and more specifically commissioners and publishers – on the meaning and value of intellectual property and intellectual property rights; informing and educating designers on their bargaining position; starting a dialogue among stakeholders on fairer contracts and exchange of best practices; and starting a lobby to legally ensure the attribution of copy – and design rights for works made in commission to the designers.

Theme: Design PolicyDesign Support and PromotionDesign Value and Business DialogueIndustrial Design, Packaging and Product DesignResearch and Innovation
Cluster: Design & IPRDesign Business ModelsDesign PolicyEuropean Design and Business Dialogue
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Date: 18/11/2014